Zeus, to seduce Callisto, consecrated to Artemis and for this virgin held to chastity, decided to assume the appearance of Artemis herself. He raped her by deceiving her. After some time Artemis, together with Callisto and her suite, decided to rest by taking a bath at a spring. Callisto, now pregnant, at first hesitated to undress so as not to reveal the loss of virginity. Remove her dress, the goddess discovered betrayal.
When Callisto was driven out, she turned her into a bear.
Danae was the beautiful daughter of King Acrisio, who had her locked up in a prison, for fear that Danae had a son who would usurp the throne. Jupiter could not resist the beauty of sleeping Danae and in the form of golden rain entered the prison and raped her.
Zeus noting Eco's attitude to gossip, urged her to entertain his wife, so as to distract her from her stealthy loves. But he became aware of the deception, and punished her by removing the use of the word and condemning her to repeat only the last words that were addressed or heard.
Europa was the daughter of Agenore, king of Tire, an ancient Phoenician city. Zeus fell in love, then took the form of a white bull, approached her and stretched out at his feet. Europa climbed on the back of the bull, and these took her across the sea to the island of Crete. Zeus then revealed his true identity and tried to use violence, but Europe resisted. Zeus managed to overwhelm Europe in a grove.
Leda was the charming queen of Sparta, for whose beauty the Trojan war took place. Zeus fell in love and to see her descended from the sky, while Leda slept on the banks of a pond, she was awakened by the fluttering of the wings of a candid swan, it was Zeus who raped her, deceiving her.
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